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If your existing signage needs a makeover or a refresh, replacing an existing sign face is an economical way to bring a new look to your business. Illuminated sign faces are also a signage solution if your company is going through a rebrand, changing its look, or needs some updated information. Illuminated sign faces are interchangeable panels with your brand’s logo, message, or information over a back panel.   Illuminated sign faces from Quint’s Signs OverNite are able to be customized to your business needs, in any size, color, and style. Illuminated sign faces are simple to change and are a great way to get your business noticed.   Illuminated sign faces are one way to see your business name in lights while staying within your budget.

Types of Illuminated Sign Faces

Illuminated sign faces are a key component in creating visible and attractive signage, especially in low-light conditions. These signs are designed to be lit from within or behind, providing a bright, clear display of text, logos, or graphics. There are several types of illuminated sign faces:

  • Backlit Signs: These signs have a light source behind the sign face, illuminating the graphics or text from the back. They are commonly used in storefronts and outdoor advertising.
  • Edge-Lit Signs: These signs are illuminated along the edges, creating a glow that lights up the sign face. They are often used for a sleek, modern look.
  • Channel Letters: Individual letters are lit from within, often using LED lights, making each letter stand out. These are popular for business names and logos.
  • Lightbox Signs: These signs have a box-like structure with a translucent face, illuminated from within, typically used for storefronts and menu boards.
  • Neon Signs: Classic neon signs use gas-filled tubes to create bright, colorful displays. They are often used for vintage or retro aesthetics.
  • LED Signs: Using LED technology, these signs are energy-efficient and can be programmed for various effects and colors. They are versatile and widely used for modern signage.

Illuminated sign faces are crucial for businesses that operate at night or in areas with poor lighting, as they enhance visibility and attract attention.  If your business is open at night, illuminated signs are an absolute must. Not only do these signs help people engage with your business, they provide high visibility day and night.

Shopping centers and some property management companies even require your sign to be illuminated. No matter the criteria, we can match your corporate and landlord management specifications.

Illuminated Sign Faces in Northwest Indiana

Quint’s Signs OverNite in Crown Point Indiana offers a wide range of capabilities regarding illuminated signs for both interior and exterior applications. Regardless of whether you need a lower cost lightbox face replacement when a tenant moves out or a custom high-end channel letter and exposed neon sign. Our knowledgeable sign specialists will provide a perfect balance of options to meet your precise needs while staying within your price range.

From simple signs with barn lighting to highly sophisticated halo-lit channel letter signs. Once we have all the information, we will get right to work in creating an illuminated sign that makes your business stand out 24/7.


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